A Few Favorites

We’ve done a lot of playing at playgrounds during the last 10 days or so, and I’ve (of course) taken lots of pictures at said playgrounds! Here are a few of my favorites. (Ok, it might be more than “a few”)

Love the way Lily is looking at Papa (Nick’s dad)

Super Ty!

Jackson and his friend.

Love the look on Lily’s face!

Lily taking a little walk with Meme (Nick’s mom).

Chase, on the monkey bars yesterday. He completely took us all by surprise when he actually did the monkey bars and made it all the way across!

Peek a boo!

Nothing like a relaxing swing where you worry you’ll fall off and land on your head…

“No! We don’t want Lily on!”

“Lily’s sitting on me!”

“Get Lily off, Mommy!”

It’s probably best we gave Lily her own swing, because this is what was going on next to her….

No children fell on their heads during the making of this picture….



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