A Day In The Life of Lily

Lily’s got it made in this house. Baby of the family, doting older brothers, parents who have a hard time not laughing at her all. the. time., and a personality that just makes people love her instantly. While looking back over the pictures I took last month, I was surprised to see 70% of them were of Lily. At first I felt badly about that, but then I realized something – I took just as many (if not more) pictures of the boys when they were this age! She’s growing and changing at a much faster rate  than her brothers right now, so it’s appropriate that my camera would gravitate towards her more often these days. Besides, she likes seeing the camera, and doesn’t whine and roll her eyes like her brothers do 😉

I give you a day in the life of Lily, or really, a month because these were all taken in the last month….

She was watching TV, from the little nook between the wall and the couch.

She’ll sit still long enough for Aunt Laura to put in a bun (her first!), but tries to escape if I try a simple pony tail.

While she still goes down for naps almost daily, she doesn’t always fall asleep right away. Sometimes she sits and tells herself knock, knock jokes, and other times (like above) she plays with her animals and dolls.

She does almost always succumb to sleep though! It’s hard work being Lily, and she knows she needs a re-charge in order to keep entertaining us the way she does.


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    Thank you Helen ! Oh how I miss you all. June can’t come soon enough !ReplyCancel