A Boat Ride!

On the last day of our trip home, Nick asked the boys what their favorite part of vacation was. The answer (at the time) was unanimous – the boat ride!

On our second day in Maine, my dad towed their speed boat the whopping 1 mile to the launching ramp, and we set off for several hours of fun on the sea.

While preparation was underway though, one of the funniest moments of vacation happened. My parents found a 4th child-size life jacket and I tried it on Lily (in the house) just to be sure it fit. Well, a huge life jacket over that huge belly made things rather comical, but then when you added in the funny waddle Lily now did it was even better. Then, to make things even more hilarious, she tipped over backwards! Nick, my mom and I stood there laughing hysterically as she waved her arms and legs around and tried to get up again. By far, the funniest 30 seconds of the trip!

Ok, now that I’ve wiped the tears from my eyes again, after visualizing Lily in the lifejacket, let’s get on to the pictures!

That would be Aunt Laura (and her three shadows) running to catch the boat at the dock.

A nice, easy ride out of the harbor.

How Lily spent most of the boat ride, but she did smile a lot!

Hello, seals!

Jackson thought the seals were pretty awesome!

Hello, shag.

Love the pigtails flying!

Going through a slower area meant Lily could do some lounging. This one cracks me up!

And then she tested out her sea legs.

3 cool guys.

 On the way to lunch (that’s right, we rode in the boat to a restaurant!), the tide was low enough that we could just go under the bridge, but on the way back the tide was high and we had to wait for them to open the bridge so we could go through. The boys thought the bridge opening just for us was way cool!

Wide awake, and all smiles on the way to lunch! And then….

And then within 5 minutes of getting back on the boat, she was out like a light! (Cell phone pic, BTW.)

A little (ok, a lot) Maine randomness…

Historic fort, that I spent a lot of time playing at when I was a kid.

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  • Seriously, those pigtails flying are the best! That sounds like such great fun!ReplyCancel

  • oh my goodness, how cute is lily? that grin! so cute!

    what i wouldn’t give to see a video of her on the ground in that life jacket. hee!ReplyCancel