A Big Cat, A Big Whoopie Pie and Improvements All Around

That’s probably an excessively long blog post title, but it’s all I could come up with to describe the recent days here!

Friday night I successfully pulled off a surprise 30th birthday party for Nick. At the party the boys chased around a very large cat named Bubba. Tyler especially loved him. I think by the end of the night Bubba was not a fan of the boys.

For the birthday cake I decided to try something new… a GIANT Whoopie Pie! It came out beautifully and I’m willing to sell them to folks here in Kansas City (if I can figure out how to ship it I’ll gladly sell it online).
In addition to a fun Friday night, we’ve seen some improvements this weekend in various areas of life. Here’s the run down on those!
Potty Training: We’ve started having boys (namely Chase and Jackson) waking up dry in the mornings! The longest streak is 2 days (Chase), but most mornings one of them is dry. That gives us hope that potty training is almost complete. Woohoo!
Staying in Bed: We’ve seen vast improvements lately in this department. The boys still aren’t perfect, but at least if they act up it’s only for 10-15 minutes instead of 2 hours. I like to think this new found obedience is due to a nice mix of wearing-out activities during the day and bribery. The boys are collecting money for a mission project at church, and we’ve started telling them that if they’re good boys and stay in bed they’ll get more money to put in their Rice Bowl (the special bank they got from church). It’s working pretty well!
Swimming Lessons: The boys have now completed 6 weeks of swim lessons and Nick and I are quite impressed with their new skills and bravery when it comes to water! Last week, during bath time, they kept putting their faces in the water. In class they’ve learned how to “walk” along the side of the pool with their hands, they’ve learned how to go completely under water, they’ve learned to use a kick board and this past weekend we saw them learning how to kick and move their arms. It’s been a blast to watch! I can’t wait to see how confident they are in the pool at my parent’s hotel this week. Did I mention my parents are in town? Hooray for grandparent time!
Tyler (I think) trying out the kick board for the first time
Jackson under water – and Chase putting his ear in the water for some reason.
Quick Jackson! Wipe that water off your face!

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