A Baby In the House

Oh, baby, do I love babies! And guess what? Over the last 2 days, I got a big time baby-fix! My brother in law (Nick’s brother), sister in law and 4 month old niece made a quick trip to Kansas City, from their home in Philly. I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting my niece, so I was especially excited about the trip (don’t worry Isaac and Kiki – I love you too!).

Just look at this face! Ahhh!

Know who else really loved the baby? Ty and Lily. They both held her, multiple times! Lily looked a little wary when Nick was holding the baby (she is a daddy’s girl, after all), but quickly was fine with it. Notice she did insist on sitting on his lap at the same time though 😉


Lily also wanted to play with her the same way she plays with her dolls…. and that’s by piling a bunch of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals on top of her. Thankfully, Nick and Ty were there to make sure the baby’s face didn’t get buried too.

Why is my daughter not clothed in the above picture? Excellent question. She had taken off her PJs just as a picture of the cousins was suggested, and the boys were ready to go. I figured a nearly-naked chubby toddler was a good trade off for 1 smiley 5 year old and 2 grumpy looking (but looking!) 5 year olds. Ha!


Ahhhh… The fun of having a baby in the house! Until we meet again, Little Miss!

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