6 Years Already

You know that saying about the days seeming long, but the years are short? Yep. Living that! Jackson, Ty, and Chase celebrated their 6th birthday yesterday. SIX! It really, really does not seem like six years since giving birth to triplets. Really.

There were days I thought would never end (and I still have those days sometimes, but they’re much fewer and further between). I would sit at home, on the brink of losing it (or maybe I already had lost it), just watching the clock, waiting for the time Nick should be arriving home.

There were days that were amazing, and filled with little boy giggles, little boy hugs and cuddles, and wonderful little “is this really my life?!” moments. Clearly those days are there for the protection of our sanity, and the protection of our family 😉

The boys all enjoyed finally having their birthday fall on a school day. They waltzed out of school yesterday with birthday hats on, and grinning from ear to ear! They got to hand out their treats (hello, 75 rice crispy treats I made the night before!), relished in their classes singing Happy Birthday to them, loved that all of the teachers at school knew it was their birthday (thanks to the hats) and wished them a happy day.

Last night we enjoyed a rare family night out to dinner! Thanks to California Pizza Kitchen for having an awesome birthday program for kids, and amazing pizza, that’s where we ended up. The kids all loved it, and the server went above and beyond with candles in the birthday sundaes and a little doodle and “happy b-day!” on the box for the leftovers.

How about a trip down memory lane here? Pictorially, of course! (Turns out it’s also kind of a fun example of my photography and editing skills progression over the years…. ha!)

A few days old – first picture together!

Age 1

Age 2

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

Age 6

More “official” 6 year portraits will be done in the next week or so! We’re hoping to do our family pictures, etc as soon as this heat wave breaks! These were just taken quickly on the back deck yesterday morning before school.

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  • Happy birthday, Ty!
    Happy birthday, Jackson!
    Happy birthday, Chase!

    (And my apologies if that’s not in the correct birth order!) 😉

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 1/2 years now…it’s been amazing and inspiring to watch your little guys grow. Thank you for sharing them, Helen!

    Congratulations to you on SIX awesome years!!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, those smiles! Love them!ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful pictures, Helen, of an adorable family. I have wondered how time seemed to pass so quickly when some of the days seemed endless.ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane ! October can’t come soon enough.ReplyCancel

  • I love the age progression photos. Those are fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Wyand Rankin

    Hello, Helen and Nick,
    and Jackson, Ty, Chase and Lily,
    Happy Sixth Birthday to the little guys! I remember when Nancy and Chuck told me about your three little boys for the first time, and am delighted to have received your blog about their first day of school. Yes, I am Mary Loulina Wyand RANKIN, and Chuck Wyand is my brother. First of all, could I be a permanent addition to your Blog list? I love to read about the children, all children, to tell the truth. Mine are OLDER than yours, of course. Bob (Karen) is in Austin, TX and Greg (Pam) and William 6, Patch 4, and Ian. 1, live in Wash, DC after India and The Philippines with State Dept. Their Tracy teaches 2nd grade in Myanmar. ….. You might know about John (Lynne) near Princeton, NJ where John is an attorney. Lynne corresponds with RoseAnne, your Gran. Their Amy was our first grandchild, and she died at 24′ We still remember everything about her.Our sweetheart in heaven. Lauren works at the HUN, a boarding school nearby and young Johnny is at Boston Univ…… Jim (Linda) near Indianapolis have Ruthie, Hillary, Bob and Cameron. All but Cam in Christian Colleges…….. Bill (Sue) live in Derry, NH THANK HEAVENS my boys all understand computers! I live in a small apt. with them. Your Uncle Bob died 7 years ago and I tried living alone but after years with 5 kids and Bob I could not. Bill & Sue have Heather H, (Barry Hall) and Curtis just 4 who live near us. Heather is from Romania and just found her birth famiily there. VERY exciting. Becca works nearby til she decides what she wants to do at 19. She is from China. She was home schooled, too, as is Charlie the “old fashioned, miracle baby”. Sue is no longer a lawyer, she’s a mom!……. Our only girl, last born is Annie (Tom another computer whiz) Annie teaches HS kids going into LPN. She always loved nursing but teaching, too. Their Laurie Beth waiting to hear that YES, she passed THE BAR,;-) is marriedd to….Nick<3. has brothers Tommy at Texas A & M. and. Dave at Dallas Baptist. Julie is 10, from China. SO…there you are! I do oil paintings and promised one to your Grand Dad. Have promised so many and when I
    China. I was "always a mother " and my Bob was a Prof. of Electrical Engineeringat Rutgers Univ. for 44 years.ReplyCancel