6 month pictures

I’m always up for any excuse to dress Lily up and take pictures, and now that I’m assembling an arsenal of props and backgrounds it’s even more fun! Yesterday I took her 6 month pictures and here’s how they came out.

That would be a 12 Month size dress she’s wearing. *sigh* Yesterday I went digging through the bags of hand-me-downs I have and pulled a couple of 12M things out and thought “I bet this will fit her”. Sure enough. Guess it’s time to go through her drawers and closet again and pull out the 6M stuff and rotate in the 9M and 12M stuff!

We started Lily on solids a couple of days ago, which I already shared on here. She now crams her fingers in her mouth as soon as the spoon goes in, which is resulting in big messes and very little food making it into her belly. Not that she’d miss the food… ha!

Lily is having a rough time with falling asleep right now. She’s too busy rolling around her crib to want to sleep, but she’s tired so she gets grumpy. I’ve stopped swaddling her lower half for most naps because she was starting to roll even when her legs were wrapped up and that just made me nervous. So now she’s also angry because she’s not swaddled, even though she usually would break out of said swaddle within about 10 minutes and have just a strip of blanket wrapped around her belly. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

Chase found the headband for Lily’s hair and asked that I put it on her. Who am I to say “no” to that?! Besides, now that her head is getting bigger they don’t look quite as silly and giant on her.

Then Tyler asked to take a picture with her.

Oh my goodness, she looks like a monster baby here! Certainly doesn’t look 3.5 years younger. Ha!

Then Chase wanted to jump in on the picture too. This one just cracks me up!

(And yeah, wish I’d had the boys change into lighter colored shirts so they didn’t look like a couple of floating heads.)

This picture of Chase and Lily kind of reminds me of a picture of my brother and me, except my brother had about 3 more chins than Lily.

So why isn’t Jackson in any pictures? Oh, that’s a delightful story. See, he was naked so I wasn’t going to let him participate. Seriously!

He had been going to bathroom when I started the session and then running around the house naked. I kept telling him to get dressed so he could be in a picture and then he’d disappear down the hall and I thought that’s what he was doing. Then 5 minutes later he’d wander back out to the living room, still naked. Then he informed me he hadn’t wiped yet. Good grief, kid! GO WIPE!

Then I told him I was almost done and he had 3 minutes to get dressed if he wanted to be in a picture with Lily. He didn’t do it. There was a major (naked) meltdown when I started taking down my backdrop.

It’s hard being 3.

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  • pop pop

    I’ll tell you what, she’s gonna be a wicked big toddla !!ReplyCancel

  • Adorable pictures! My boys (all four of them) were always twice their size when it came to baby clothes. At 6 months, they wore 12-month clothes. At one year, they were wearing 2T! They’re normal-sized now, but definitely big babies!ReplyCancel

  • Awwww!! I love these.ReplyCancel

  • One thing to keep in mind, I found that a lot of our hand-me-down clothes were a bit smaller than brand new clothes. I think dryer shrinkage has something to do with it. (So don’t feel *quite* so bad!)ReplyCancel

  • So cute! Love those cheeks.ReplyCancel

  • I recognize that dress – lol. My girls were wearing them as shirts until they were 3 – I finally had to pack them away. Enough is enough. Cute pictures! I can’t believe how fast she is growing!ReplyCancel

    • I almost gave you a shout out for providing the dress, Sarah! I wasn’t 100% sure it was from your pile though. I love the versatility of dresses and getting to wear them as shirts with leggings!ReplyCancel