52 Week Challenge

For the last few years I’ve participated in what’s called a 365 Challenge or Project 365. In these challenges/projects you’re supposed to take (and post) one picture every day of  the year. I did moderately well the first couple of years, only missing a handful of days throughout the entire year, but last year I derailed and then gave up sometime late in the summer when my business really picked up.

This year, one of the photographers I follow on Facebook said she was going to do a 52 week challenge. Just one picture each week? I can do that! To make it even more fun, each week has a different theme that we’re encouraged to fit our submitted picture into. We post our weekly selection each week in a Flickr group and she goes through them all and features some of her favorites on her blog.

I’ve really been enjoying it, even those weeks when I realize it’s Friday night and I still haven’t pulled off the shot I was hoping for! We’re on week 8 right now, and I thought I’d share with you my first 8 photos (some of them you’ve seen) and the theme they fit.

1/52 – Resolution

This year I’m resolving to take more time to photograph my kids just being kids. I’ve always been intrigued with Lifestyle photography, and who better to practice on than my 4 children?

2/52 – Life

Life is more fun, with cake and brothers!

Yesterday I took cake smash pictures of my daughter (she turns 1 in a week) and her triplet brothers were begging me to let them in on the mess too! I finally relented, and they all had a ball!

3/52 – Inspiration

I find inspiration by trying different angles and styles.

Monday was a gorgeous day here in Kansas City, and we all were playing outside without coats on. I lay on the ground for probably 10 minutes, just taking pictures of the kids (and my husband) playing. My husband finally noticed me and said “What are you doing on the ground?!”, to which I laughed and replied “Anything for a picture.”

4/52 – Imperfection

My 4 children and myself are the very picture of imperfect health this week. Here’s to recovering and being healthier next week!

5/52 – Simplicity

The way to a mother’s heart is simple…

Tell her you’ll handle the 4 kids on your own and send her to a hotel for the night!
(Thanks, honey!)

6/52 – Emotion

This could be “happy”, or “pride” or maybe a little of both! I caught sweet Lily (12 months) with a Wii steering wheel, sitting in front of the TV (which was off) steering the wheel like she was playing Mario Kart. She was so pleased with herself!

7/52 – Wild Card

Kansas City has had a strange, strange winter. Monday morning we finally got our first real snow of the season, and our living room window had thousands (I’m guessing here, obviously!) of flakes stuck to it. The way the trees looked through the flakes was just so cool, and making the image black and white  just made the starkness that much cooler.

8/52 – Light

Taken yesterday

We had a glorious day today, and it was made even more glorious with a picnic at the park with my 4 kids. I adore this picture of my youngest, in a fit of giggles while swinging!

So there you have it – the first 8 weeks of the Project 52 I’m in. For those that are curious, the photographer I’m following is My Four Hens – you can visit her blog here, and the Flickr group here.

And get ready for lots and lots of pictures in the next week or two…. I have upgraded my camera and the new body is due to arrive at my house tomorrow! Yay!!

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