5 Years

Where, oh where has the time gone?! Jackson, Ty and Chase turn 5 today, and Nick and I don’t really see how that can be possible. I will confess to tearing up when I peeked in on them one last time before I went to bed last night.

The last time I’ll see them as 4 year olds. 5 seems so old!” 

I’ll confess to also tearing up this morning. I think Nick knew I was struggling, because he squeezed extra hard when I went to him for a hug this morning. Maybe it’s that so many of the boys’ friends are in Kindergarten this year, and I can see the school years quickly approaching, or maybe it’s just that 5 seems so much older than 4. Or maybe it’s that their clothes are no longer ending in “T”, and I’ll need to shop at more grown up sections of stores soon. Or maybe it’s that they’re getting so big that we’ve decided we need to switch bedrooms with them so that they’ll have more room! Who knows, really. I just know 5 is hitting me harder than 4.

Thank goodness I still have Lily to give me the toddler fix 😉

Yesterday afternoon I took the boys out for some quick 5 year old pictures. Let me tell you right now – I can get other kids to listen to me during a portrait session, but getting mine (one in particular) to listen to me is something else. I’ll bet when you look through some of these you can tell who the picture troublemaker is 😉

I added in the “who’s who” under each picture, so as to stop making you all guess!)

L-R: Jackson, Chase, Ty

L-R: Ty, Jackson, Chase

R-L: Ty, Chase, Jackson

L-R: Jackson, Ty, Chase

L-R: Jackson, Chase, Ty

Individual pictures and my annual “letters” to each of them to come later, probably tonight. For now, I need to take these boys out for some birthday ice cream!

(For a fun trip down memory lane, you can check out my post from their birth day here and here!)

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  • Kitti

    Holy Christ! These boys look so alike. I mean, they are not “that” identical, I can see some differences, but still.. I can’t tell them apart! 😀 Probably it would be easier if I knew you personally, but I live in Hungary, so the chances of bump into you on the street is… Hm. Anyway, I love these photos, especially the b&w. The face of the kid on the right (sorry again for not knowing who is who!)is a winner! Haha. Happy birthday to them!ReplyCancel

    • LOL! I have those moments too, where I suddenly see a LOT of similarities in them. It’s crazy! And yes, that’s Jackson on the right in the B&W one, and his face cracks me up!ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    Happy birthday to your 3 sons. There are so cute. The b & w photo cracks me up. I’m guessing Ty gave you a hard time during this photo session.
    A follower from BostonReplyCancel

  • Your boys are adorable! And I think it’s precious that you write annual letters to them! Looking forward to reading them and seeing the individual photos! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    I can’t believe they are five, especially looking at the post from their birth and seeing how tiny they were. Wow! Happy Birthday, boys!! The last photo is my favorite 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    Aww… Happy Birthday, Jackson, Ty, and Chase! Yay to you momma for raising such wonderful boys the last 5 years! Good job! I love the last photo… perfect!ReplyCancel

    • Monica S

      I was wondering when you were gonna switch rooms w/ them… they out number you and Nick.. lol!ReplyCancel