5 Months Old!

My how time flies…. our little men are 5 months old today and they’re growing like crazy! I suspect that many people wouldn’t even know they are preemies. They sleep through the night almost every night, which is wonderful!

Tyler has learned a new trick in the last week – inch worming. He lifts his little knees up towards his belly and then smashes his face into the ground and inches forward. It’s quite funny to watch!

Jackson, Tyler and Chase had fun with Grandma, but are definitely glad to have Daddy home! Last night whenever Nick would try to leave the room the boys would stick their lower lips out and cry.

Here’s a thought for you… Jackson, Tyler & Chase are individual people. Did you know that? It is so easy to just lump them all together as “the triplets” or “the boys”. In fact, I’ve caught Nick and myself doing that at times! Last week we received three cards in the mail – one for Jackson, one for Tyler and one for Chase! Each had a note directed to each boy and a gift card to Toys R Us. I was so touched that someone (not even a family member) had thought of my children as individual enough to send them their very own cards!

As promised, my thoughts on Baby Einstein. What is it about these DVDs that is so magical?! We received a Baby Einstein DVD for Christmas and the first time we watched it, Nick and I felt like we could produce most of it ourselves… I mean we’re talking little puppets, wind-up toys and classical music. Sometimes you can even see the hand of the person control the toys/puppets! As simple as that sounds, babies are fascinated by it! Baby Einstein has become our new bath-time best friend. It used to be that whoever was bathed first, would then be set on the activity mat or in a bouncy chair and they would cry until bath-time was done and they could be held. Now we put them in a bouncy seat, in front of a Baby Einstein DVD and they’re so content! We have virtually no crying during bath-time anymore. It’s quite astonishing. Now what can I invent and then market that will make me a millionaire?

Last but not least, we hit 10,000 visitors this last week! Wow! 10,000 visitors in the last 10 months. I’m shocked that so many people find our family that fascinating! Thank you for signing our guest book and leaving blog comments – please continue to do so.

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