4 Months Already

Today Jackson, Tyler and Chase are 4 months old. A whole third of a year has passed already – how did that happen?!

Nick and I find everything the boys do absolutely fascinating. Chase is still the only one rolling over and he’s only done it twice so far. Jackson has been teasing us for well over a week now. I really hope one of the boys rolls over by next Tuesday (before Nick goes back to work) so that Nick can witness it!

They’re all getting into grabbing at things and a couple of times we’ve noticed them trying to put those things in their mouths – I wish they’d do that with their pacifiers! Anyway, toys are finally fascinating to them which is fun for us. We’ll be buying an exersaucer for them to use soon!

Our first Christmas as a family was a nice one. It was odd and sad at the same time to not get to go home and see family, but we enjoyed our little family all the same 🙂 We opened gifts in the morning and then the boys conked out right after!

They have a 4 month appointment next Friday, the 4th so I’ll do an update then. I know they’re growing fast though, as they’re now completely into the 3-6 month size range and size 1 diapers are getting a little small. I weighed them about a week ago here at home and they were coming in at the following: Jackson 13 pounds 4 oz, Tyler 12 pounds, Chase 13 pounds. Looking at pictures of them, you would think Jackson weighed a lot more than Chase!

Chase and Jackson

Jackson and Tyler

Jackson, Tyler and Chase

Jackson, Tyler and Chase on Christmas morning

Jackson, Tyler and Chase’s 4 month picture

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