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It’s been a couple of months since I shared my selections for the Project 52 I’m doing with My Four Hens! Here are weeks 16-25, with the themes that went along with them. Enjoy!

16/52 – Perspective (#1)

The perspective of various 4 and 5 year olds cracks me up! One of my boys lost his sneaker this last week, and it became a topic of conversation at preschool. This board was posted outside their classroom when I picked up my kids on Thursday.

(This is the first week I couldn’t decide which picture to use – so this is 1 of 2!)

16/52 – Perspective (#2)

The visual perspective my daughter had, while trapped in her stroller at the bowling alley.

17/52 – White

(This one made the “Eye Candy” feature on M4H’s blog!)

My sweet Lily (age 15 months) was very cooperative for a little product modeling for me yesterday!

18/52 – Happy

A birthday in the house means fun noise makers, which make my boys very, very happy!

19/52 – Weather

We had some crazy weather yesterday, and my boys loved watching the lightening, pouring rain and hail out the window!

 20/52 – Motherhood

Motherhood is never growing tired of peeking in on your sleeping children.

21/52 – Dream

My dream was always to marry a man who was great with children, and I definitely hit the jackpot here! Munchkin here is obsessed with the book “I Love You Through and Through”. She asks her daddy to read it 5 or 6 times a day, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching him read it to her! Definitely a dream fulfilled 🙂

22/52 – Yellow

When I hear “Mommy, take our picture!”, I’m happy to oblige, even if it’s a goofy one.

23/52 – Seasons

(This one made the “Eye Candy” feature on M4H’s blog too!)

Earlier this week, as I was hanging out some laundry to dry in the sun, I thought about how much I love the seasons of spring and summer.

Then I took the thought a bit deeper and thought about the season of life we’re in right now, and how rapidly it’s changing as our children rapidly grow (most notably the baby of the family).

I dug out a few of her outfits from the last 16 months and hung them on the line, to depict not only this season of life but also the warmth of summer!

24/52 – Texture

The way the bubbles had caught and stayed intact in the opening of this glass milk bottle caught my eye this week!

25/52 – Fatherhood

Fatherhood – 21st Century style!

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