3 Year Olds and Open Flame

Last night we did something fun and daring. We put an open flame on our table and let the boys hold marshmallows over it. Don’t worry, we gave them fancy little fork/stick things to hold the marshmallows with…

Nick and I received this s’mores maker as a wedding gift more than 8 years ago, and I really wish we used it more often. Who doesn’t like s’mores?! The boys got a serious kick out of the whole process, especially when marshmallows caught on fire.

Oh, and Chase’s sweet sweater vest without a shirt underneath look? Yeah, that’s what he changed into when he wanted to exercise with me earlier in the day. Gotta love a three year old’s fashion sense!

Jackson was the first to finish toasting (or burning) his marshmallow. He loved his s’more!

Chase loved his too! Tyler was taking forever and a day to toast his marshmallow. He would hold it over the flame for about 4 seconds, pull it back towards him, squeeze the marshmallow and then wave the stick around excitedly. While I waited for him to finish I made my own and oh man, it was good!

Then I made a second. And still Tyler wasn’t done. We finally told him it was, made his s’more and the marshmallow wasn’t even close to warm enough to melt his chocolate. He ended up eating his s’more in layers, which he didn’t mind.

Tomorrow I’ll start answering your Burning Questions! If you haven’t asked one yet, just scroll down to that post and add yours.

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  • RoseAnne (mom and grandma)

    OK – now I am seriously craving a s’more. Cute pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Yummy! How fun and cute!ReplyCancel