3 Year Old Dance Party – Video

The boys love to dance. Especially Chase and Tyler. I think Jackson is going to be my little techie. The last two times I’ve had the video camera out he’s been more interested in the camera and making obnoxious noises than taking part in whatever his brothers are doing.

Here, the boys are gettin’ down in the kitchen the other night to two of their favorite songs – Press Play’s song NY2LA and Manafest’s song Avalanche. Both of these can be heard on Air1, and there was always great excitement when they would come on the radio, so I finally broke down and bought the songs on iTunes.

Chase and Tyler were totally cracking me up! I loved that they figured out they could see their reflections in the oven and were dancing with them.

Now, if you want to step back in time (and have an extra minute of time to kill), you can see just how far Chase’s dancing skills have come. Here he is dancing back in February 2009 (so he was about 18 months old).

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