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Guess what time it almost is! March for Babies time!

No groaning allowed here, people. I’m doing things a little differently this year, and I hope you’ll find it a little more fun to follow than the usual “please give! We’re short of our goal!” posts.

Last Year:

Last you year you all donated a staggering $1,030 to my page! My team, Three Cuties, raised just over $2,000 as a group.

Fun Fact for you: I received donations last year from 14 states and 2 countries!

This Year:

I’m lowering my monetary goal for now, and I’m going to challenge you all with something a little different…

Goal: Donations from 25 states!

How fun would it be to create t-shirts that say half the country donated? Are you catching the vision here? I’m pretty excited about it! I’ll keep you updated on the progress by pinning states on this handy little map (the first pin there is where our March will be).

View March for Babies 2012 in a larger map

Every so often I’ll also post a list of the states I’ve received donations from (and by all means, even if your state has already given, please give anyway!).


I’ll let the boys remind you (this is from last spring)!

If you’d like to join team Three Cuties, we’d love to have you. The March for Babies is a good time for the whole family, and the team effort is fun!

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