2013 Christmas Card & Letter

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{To those that don’t know, Nick always writes the letter that accompanies the card! This year, he sat down with each of the kids, and our wall calendar and let them talk about 2013.}

Dear Friends & Family,

I am considering a transition into a new career in 2014 – a court reporter career! That being so, I decided my first test would be to transcribe the musings of my 4 children, about the year 2013. Please enjoy their thoughts on the year.

Jackson: Santa says ho, ho, ho! I liked going to Maine and Vermont on vacation this summer*! Last year I got the flu. This month we are going to have Christmas! I like to play baseball in the spring and summer! The best thing about being 6 is that I get to go to kindergarten. My favorite part about kindergarten is being able to go to 1st grade for an hour and a half. School is great! I love 2013!

Tyler: January 2013 was an exciting month we had Lily’s (2nd) birthday! In February it was a rockin’ day as we ate tacos from Taco Bell and watched the super bowl. March was a boring month. We did not do anything on the weekend, but daylight saving time was funny because I woke up at 6 instead of 7. On April it was a good time, we got smiley faces on the calendar and we stopped on April 22. In May, an exciting thing there, we graduated from Preschool and we had Mother’s Day. In June we did VBC* at church. In July it was an exciting month cause we went on vacation. Yippee! Vacation was from the 17th to the 23rd it was fun. In August it was kinda fun we had a birthday, and our birthday was rockin’ fun! In September we did Sacred Steps* and ate frozen yogurt. October was rockin good cause we did the fabulous sleepover that started at 3:30 p.m. November was great because of Thanksgiving and we did the smiley faces and Lily got into the Kid of the Day program. In December it’s gonna be a great time cause we are going to have Christmas and maybe a sleepover.

Chase: In January we had New Years Day! That day was so fun! On the 21st it was MLK Day; we did a project and we got smoothies after that. In February we saw the super bowl and we had tacos! YUM! On the 12th it was Lincoln’s Birthday. In March, on the 29th, there was Good Friday. We went to school it was the day before Easter when Jesus died. In April we struggled with staying in bed so we had to do smiley faces. It was sad that we struggled. On May there was national day of prayer; it was fun. June 21st was the first day of summer! July vacation started on the 15th and went until the 23rd. Vacation was fun, we went to Omaha it was fun and went to the fantastic ZOO! And then we swam in the swimming pool the day before that. August 27th was our birthday and August 15 we started school that day and school was fun. I had lots of things to learn at school. October the 12th we had a sleepover that day and that was fun. We saw loud pops and had hamburgers and we watched a movie and had a yummy vegetable. November the 24th we started doing smiley faces and there was a sleepover coming up. On the 29th we did Men’s night. December the 2nd we started not doing very well on the smiley faces we had 4 in a row but did not do very well which was sad…booo! December 8th Daddy put a person for the smiley face.

Lily: I like music. Bear is crying. Pick bananas. I like pretzels. Bananas! Apples! Cookies! Kitties! Kitties! Kitties! Cookies! Daniel Tiger*! Bananas! Candy! Doggies! Pretzels!

*We did not travel to New England For Summer Vacation in 2013

*VBC=Vacation Bible Camp

*Sacred Steps = Our Church’s 5k fun run and walk raising money for Africa

*Smiley faces on the calendar = all children going to bed quietly and on time

*Daniel Tiger = Kid’s show on PBS

Please know that none of this was altered in any way, and if you know any judges looking for a clerk reporter to please have them contact me on Facebook.

Merry Christmas! May the hope, peace, joy, and love that Christ brings be with you in 2014!


Nick and the fam!



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  • Wonderful letter! I have to admit I was a bit confused by Jackson’s mention of vacationing in Maine this past summer. Glad you set that straight because it was one more thing that made me question the state of my memory. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Ha! I know, Mom! I told Nick he had to put a note in there that we did NOT go to Maine and Vermont this summer, otherwise we’d have people thinking we blew them off 😉ReplyCancel

  • A lovely family, and a lovely Christmas letter! May peace and joy be yours in 2014! xo NellieReplyCancel