2 Year Well Check

The boys had their 2 year well check appointment this morning, which is why this post is so late today. I don’t remember most of the percentiles for the boys, but two did stick out in my mind – Chase and Tyler’s percentile for weight.

Jackson: 27.5 pounds – 34.5 inches tall
Tyler: 25 pounds (12th percentile) – 33.75 inches tall
Chase: 29 pounds (62nd percentile) – 34.5 inches tall

Chase is a beast compared to Tyler! I mean, I knew he weighed more but I didn’t think it was 4 pounds more. The biggest spread between them in the past has only been 2 pounds at most. Speaking of Tyler, there’s a bit of a concern that he’s not really gaining weight like his brothers are, despite eating the same as them and sometimes more. In the last 6 months he’s only gained about half a pound, where as his brothers have packed on 2-3 pounds each. As a result, the doctor wants me to bring Tyler back in a month for a weight check.

The boys escaped having any shots this time around but did need to have blood drawn to check for Anemia and Lead (standard checks at age 2 at our office). Jackson went first and was pretty upset by the whole ordeal! Tyler went second and whimpered a bit but that was it. Then Chase was up and the poor boy had to be pricked twice because his first vein collapsed before they got enough blood! The little man didn’t really cry though – just whimpered and kept saying “uh oh”, “no, no” and “all done”.

The blood draw for Tyler is also going to be checked for any glucose issues. IF anything is wrong with any of the draws I’ll find out on Monday most likely. Hopefully there’s nothing there to worry about. Send some weight gaining prayers Ty’s way this next month!

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