2 Months From Today…

In 2 months I will turn 30. 30! How did that happen? Oh that’s right… I had kids and that somehow made time move at a much faster rate. You’ll be happy to know that this post is not the beginning of two months of whining from me. Nope, instead it’s the beginning of 2 months of campaigning for preemies!

It’s March for Babies time!

On May 1st, my 30th birthday, thousands and thousands of people will take to the streets of Kansas City and walk for premature babies. Last year team Three Cuties had 14 walkers and raised just over $2,200 as a group!

(Obviously that’s not the whole team, but it’s as close as I got to a group picture.)

People walk because they had a preemie themselves. People walk because they know a preemie. People walk because they know it’s important for every baby to be given a chance to be born at full-term.

No parent should have to wait days and in some cases weeks before getting to hold their baby.

(Ignore the old watermark!)

No parent should have to learn how to change a diaper by sticking their hands through two small holes. It’s hard enough when the baby is on a changing table!

No parent should have to see their child hooked up to so many wires and tubes (and my boys didn’t even have that much attached to them!).

The March of Dimes has made great strides over the years, and I’ll share some of those facts in various posts over the next two months. There is still a long way to go though. More education to pregnant women. More education to doctors. More research to figure out what causes pre-term labor and ways to stop it. A long way to go.

If you live in Kansas City, will you consider walking with team Three Cuties? We’d love to have you! The walk is on Sunday, May 1st in the Power and Light District. The walk starts at 10am and there is a short, 1 mile route or a longer route if you so desire. There are tons of fun things for the kids to do before and after the walk and you can indulge in a hot dog lunch at 10:30 in the morning when you finish the walk. Nothing like hot dogs for brunch!

To see about joining the team, click HERE.

If you don’t live here or do, but can’t walk, will you consider donating? Any amount helps. Personally, I think it would be awesome to see a bunch of $30 donations in honor of the walk being on my 30th birthday! Consider it your gift to me 😉

To donate, click HERE.

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  • Andrea

    We will be walking in Maine that same day, which is also my twins 3rd birthday! Guess you have 2 birthday buddies 🙂 Good luck with your fundraising!ReplyCancel

    • Love it!! Good luck to you as well! (How fun that my home state’s walk is the same day as the KC walk!)ReplyCancel

  • Only 30?! What a young’un. You know we’re always proud supporters of team 3 Cuties! I was actually starting to wonder if you were doing it this year 🙂ReplyCancel