What’s a mom to do when her baby won’t sleep and it’s 4am? Take a picture of the freshly snow-covered backyard, of course! Yep, I really took this picture at 4am. I had been up with Lily (and Chase for a bit) for several hours already, and the beauty of the backyard kept catching my eye. After putting Lily back to bed I tried to capture the backyard.

I don’t have a tripod, so I made one by setting one of the boys’ small chairs on top of a dining room chair. Picture was taken from inside, looking out the sliding glass door.

Picture #1 came out red for some reason, so I messed with the settings some more and got the picture you see above!

35mm Lens, manually focused (the camera couldn’t find anything to focus on in the dark) 30 second exposure, used the self-timer so that I wouldn’t risk shaking the camera and then I sharpened and darkened the picture slightly in PS.

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  • Great photo. I like it.ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    you should have seen your mother laying in the snow to take pictures yesterday. Nice quiet picture of your backyard.ReplyCancel