1950’s Housewife?

My normal footwear alternates between flip flops and sneakers. Beat up looking sneakers at that. Every once in a while I’ll wear some kitten heel sandals or some low heel dressy casual shoes (or is that what my sister means when she calls something “polished casual”?), but generally it’s the flip flops or sneakers.

Guess what I have to wear in the wedding this weekend…

3 inch heels.

Oh boy. I enjoy how tall I feel in the them, but I don’t enjoy the tipsy feeling I have when walking in them. Yesterday I got them out to wear around the house for a bit to get used to them, and to practice so I don’t fall on my face while walking down the aisle on Sunday. All attention should be on my sister, not on the clumsy Matron of Honor who just ate it and will be the next viral YouTube video.

Classy get-up, huh? As I was marinating chicken while standing my heels I thought “I feel like I belong in one of those 1950’s print ads that depicts the housewife wearing heels while vacuuming or pulling dinner out of the oven”. Of course, those “moms” were also wearing cute dresses and aprons and had their hair all done up, not in a messy ponytail. Anyway, I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to you, but I knew it would make a fun blog post so I pulled out the camera, set the self-timer and went back to my housewifely duties.

Now excuse me while I go put my heels on again… I have some laundry to change over and I want to feel classy while doing it.

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  • Thanks for the chuckle. Oh the things we do for our little sisters….ReplyCancel

  • Hot! I’m going to go dig out my sister’s wedding shoes for the rest of the laundry. ;PReplyCancel

  • CUTE SHOES! Can’t wait to see wedding pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    Love it Helen! Hope you’ll be “gliding” down the aisle on Sunday!!!ReplyCancel

  • TOO TOO FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh.ReplyCancel

  • I completely understand! I’m just like you in my normal choice of footwear and I have to wear heels in a wedding in December. Thankfully I only need 2″ heels, but I’m planning to buy them early so I can practice. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I love the idea of heels. I see these cute heels and buy them. And then they sit and gather dust because I only wear flip flops or sneakers or if I am dressing up – pointy toed ballet flats! I wore 3″ heels for my sisters wedding when I was walking back up the aisle with the groomsman, I tripped and just about fell on my face! Thankfully I was holding his arm and he caught me! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Monica S.

    You go girl!ReplyCancel

  • kdliberty

    I have decide this is a favorite picture. So, how was the wedding!ReplyCancel