18 Month Well-Check

We just got home from an active morning out… the boys finally had their 18 month well-check at the doctor’s office (we’re only almost a month late!) followed by some grocery shopping. At the WC the boys needed just one shot (Hep A) and Tyler took it like a man. He cried out a bit during the initial poke, but didn’t even shed a tear! Next time they get shots they’ll be 4.

Signs the boys are growing up:

This was the first WC that we didn’t have to strip the boys down!

They were old enough to be given lolly pops by the nurse (and boy oh boy did they love those! I so wish I’d had my camera with me).

They no longer get weighed on the baby scale, but stand on the same scale I stand on when I go to the doctor’s office.

We didn’t need to use the Choo Choo or double stroller and instead let the boys walk from the car to the doctor’s office.

The boys are big enough now that we have been told to move from infant Tylenol and Motrin to Children’s Tylenol and Motrin.

On to the stats!!

Jackson: 31 inches tall and 26 pounds
Tyler: 31 inches tall and 26 pounds
Chase: 31 inches tall and 28 pounds

Notice something odd about those? Jackson and Tyler weigh the same! That’s never happened before. When Jackson was sick a few weeks ago and not eating, he dropped almost 2 pounds of weight and he has yet to regain it. The boys are all in the 75th percentile in height (gee, I wonder where they got that from!) and about the 35% for weight.

Oh and the really exciting news? Flu and RSV season has cleared out for the most part and we’re now free to bring the boys back to church! Hooray!! We’ll be there as a family tomorrow night, and I can’t wait!

*I was skeptical of the boys’ heights yesterday afternoon, so decided to remeasure Jackson while he was standing next to Nick. Lo and behold he’s actually more like 31″ (if not more), not 29″.

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