17 Months

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Wow, how time has flown! I can’t believe the boys turn 17 months today. For some reason 18 months seems like a big milestone to me and we’re fast approaching that! Here’s a quick little recap on what’s new with the boys….

  • They’re starting to play together more, which I think is just way too cute! I have a couple of pictures to come of that happening, so watch for those.
  • They’re beginning to figure out that crayons are for coloring and not for eating. It’s not 100% there yet, but we’re getting closer. Last time we colored only Jackson sampled the crayons.
  • They’re getting creative when it comes to trying to reach something up high or climb up onto something (like the couch).
  • They’re all growing like crazy! Even Aunt Laura commented last weekend that it seems like they are visibly bigger every week.
  • They all can eat with forks and spoons now. It’s not 100% of the time, but enough that we give them mushier, runnier foods like oatmeal.
  • They all give wonderful hugs and kisses that will just melt your heart and they love to blow kisses!
  • They are all still rear facing in their car seats, even though we “legally” could turn them around.


Jackson’s favorite things right now include blankets, bananas, blankets, Baby Signing Time, blankets, slides and did I mention blankets? He continues to add more words to his speaking and signing vocabularies, which is handy and cute at the same time. Here’s another thing to add to the list of things Jackson likes: baths. Right now he’s crying at my legs because he wants a bath right now, but bath time isn’t until tonight.

Jackson has also become a cuddler lately, which I love! He’s content to just sit in my lap for long periods of time now (we’re talking 20 minutes or more sometimes), which is nice.


Tyler loves to climb! I’m constantly finding him climbing up onto something new. This past weekend he figured out how to climb up onto the couch without stepping on anything to get there. Then, to make matters worse, Nick caught him trying to climb up the back and by the time Nick reached him Tyler’s head was dangling over the back! (Our couch is not up against a wall and had Tyler fallen it would have been onto a tile floor.) I figure he’ll be the first to attempt climbing out of his crib…

Tyler remains the smallest of the boys (he’s behind J&C by 2 pounds), but he doesn’t let that stop him from trying to show the other two who is boss. Tyler enjoys tackling his brothers to the floor and wrestling them. Chase usually doesn’t mind, but Jackson is hit or miss.


Chase is developing quite the silly little personality. He used to be our serious little studier but lately he’s been so funny! He enjoys running into a room, giggling mischievously and then taking off. Nine times out of ten he’s not actually up to anything, he just wants us to chase him.

Chase also enjoys pulling clothes and packages of wipes out of drawers, which is a no-no but doesn’t seem to stop him. Chase too likes to climb, but is not yet as proficient as Tyler.

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