17 Month Pictures

Nick and I have been terrible about remembering to use the video camera, and for that I apologize! As a result of our laziness (or forgetfulness) I don’t have a Video Clip of the Week to show you today. I told Nick this morning we both need to make more effort to use the camera. Hopefully I’ll have something for you soon.

To make up (somewhat) for the lack of video fun today, I have some new pictures to share with you! The boys turned 17 months last week and I thought it was time to take some new “portraits” both for printing and for changing up the header picture.

When my own mother commented yesterday that she loved the new header but couldn’t figure out who was who I knew I had to post these pictures along with captions! My mom prides herself on always being able to tell who is who, so to hear she couldn’t tell was shocking.





R-L: Jackson, Tyler & Chase

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