1 Down, 2 To Go

Chase is doing great with his potty training! Saturday was his second completely accident free day and that included the 2.5 hours we were away from home (church and the 15 minute car ride each way). Yesterday he didn’t have an accident until 5:30pm – so close to back to back accident free days! I rarely have to remind him to tell me if he has to go, as he’s great at coming up to tell me. He’s not 100% there, but I obviously feel pretty great about where he’s at just 2 weeks after starting and at a shade under the age of 2.

Yesterday we started on Jackson! Let me back up though to Friday – that’s when I took him shopping for his big boy underwear. The distracted mom that I am, I totally forgot to take pictures of him in the store! He was so speedy grabbing the Elmo package that I didn’t even think of the camera in my purse. Jackson wasn’t nearly as excited about the underwear though as he was of the new “gicky” (blanket) we were buying him!

Those who frequent this blog will remember that Jackson is a blanket sucker. He’s very particular about which of the dozens of blankets he will suck on though, so his two blankets of choice are quite rank. Seriously. I wish I could convey smell on here, because the stench is truly horrendous. Look at these pictures…. The blanket on top is the brand new white one, while the two on the bottom are the older ones. Those old blankets used to be white and they used to smell fresh, but no amount of bleach or oxiclean can get them clean now!

It was a sigh of relief from me when I showed Jackson this new blanket in the store and he was ok with it. I asked him if he would like to eat that blankie and he nodded yes (and immediately upon arriving home and cutting the tags off he shoved the blanket in his mouth). Success! On the way to the checkout register Jackson stopped twice in the middle of the aisle, put the blanket on the floor and lay down with his head on it and said “Night, night gicky“. It was stinking adorable but I feared for his life as many of the moms in Target seemed to be on a mission that day.

Day 1 of potty training Jackson (yesterday) went better than Tyler but not as great as Chase. He was the happy medium 🙂 He went through 13 pair of underwear all day, which is the same number Chase went through on day 1 and did pee in the toilet once (5pm). He was only a little damp this morning when he woke up and he also stayed dry during his nap yesterday afternoon. I’m optimistic about today!

Oh and a quick Tyler update – this weekend we focused on getting a snack to Ty the minute he woke up from his nap and I’m happy to say the weekend was afternoon tantrum free!

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