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The Story Begins

Helen (from Maine) and Nick (from Vermont) meet in a communications class at a college in south central Pennsylvania. They dated, fell in love, broke up for 4 months, couldn't live without each other, so got married 6 months later! They lived in Michigan for a while, and in 2005 moved to Kansas City.

August 2007


March 30, 2007 will always be burned in my memory; that's the day we heard the infamous "no, it looks like there are three..." come out of a sonographer's mouth! Just about 5 months later, at 33 weeks and 3 days, Jackson, Tyler, and Chase entered the world! (And yes - they're identical.)

January 2011

Let's Add Another

In the midst of a Kansas City snow storm, the most joyful, loving little girl entered the world! Lily completes this family, and fills our home with imaginary play & kindness.

Helen's Photography Business

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