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Dear Family and Friends,
In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you it is not Nick writing the annual letter this year. Disappointing, I know, but seeing as I’ve slacked big time in the blogging world this year, I have plenty of writing ready to go!
Unless you’re on Facebook or Instagram all the time, you may not know what’s up with us, so I give you a nice, orderly list… because nothing says “orderly” like a day in the Ransom house!
2014 Was the Year That….
  • Jackson, Ty, & Chase really got into team sports, and Nick was thrown into the coaching world. The 4 of them enjoyed a spring/summer on the Indians baseball team, and have just started basketball practice as the Jayhawks.
  • Lily became obsessed with “Mickey the Mouse”, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and her baby doll “Baby Margaret”, who actually is a boy. Don’t let the name fool you!
  • Ty officially became our “expensive kid” when he added orthodontic appointments to his life. At the age of 6. Seriously.
  • The boys have lost 8 or 9 teeth between the 3 of them. We honestly can’t remember – we just had a 3-minute long conversation trying to figure it out. Basically, all 3 of them could stand to get their two front teeth for Christmas!
  • We finally convinced Nick to let us get a dog! In June we bought a 8 month old Welsh Terrier from an acquaintance. His name is Gus, he likes chasing dust and leaves, barking at random objects, jumping super high, and trying to rescue Lily from time outs. He is well loved here!
  • Nick finally got his garage space back, when I moved all of photography props to my very own studio space, in a cute little section of Kansas City.
  • The boys (and all of Kansas City) became absolutely obsessed with baseball! This whole city turned blue in October!
  • Nick built a twin bed for Lily, and then a farmhouse style table and benches to replace the very worn table and mismatched chairs we were using. He’s so handy!
Next month, Nick will celebrate his 10 year anniversary at Church of the Resurrection, which just blows our minds. 10 years we’ve called Kansas City home! We love the people we’ve built relationships with here, the church we’re proud to call our church home, and the schools our kids are in.
As you raise your candle on Christmas Eve, remember that you are a part of the light that can push back the darkness, and there’s a little (big?) family in Kansas City pushing back that darkness back with you.
Merry Christmas, with love!
  • December 23, 2014 - 2:49 pm

    Loretta and Tim - Merry Christmas to you and yours, Helen! Sure do miss our family get-togethers! I was just chatting with your mom about how BIG a gathering it would be if we got our families together!! Awesome!

    We love you and I love seeing your pictures and your kids growing up! Goes by too fast!ReplyCancel

    • December 23, 2014 - 10:29 pm

      Helen - Oh, how I miss those get-togethers! You’re right – it would be huge now! We could take over China Lake on our own ;) Merry Christmas to the two of you – I miss you!ReplyCancel

So, it’s December…. and really almost 2015. Seems like a good time to finally post pictures from our July vacation, right? Ha! Story of my life! Really though, I’m still ahead of the game, considering I posted pictures from our 2013 vacation this last February.

This last summer, we did another relatively close-by vacation – St. Louis! It’s just a quick trip to the other side of Missouri, and we hadn’t taken the kids there yet. We knew they’d love the famous Arch and the zoo, and we found another gem this time around – The Magic House!

If you’re planning a family trip to St. Louis, and have younger kids, The Magic House needs to be on your “must-do” list! We spent most of a day there, ate at their tasty little picnic restaurant, lost a kid, re-found the kid after our names were called over the PA, cried when I hugged the lost kid, had crazy, static charged hair, watched lots of climbing, and all for a sweet discount thanks to a Groupon!

St Louis ArchSt_Louis_VacationSt_Louis_Family_Vacation_0017

The look on Lily’s face kills me here! I think she was nervous we’d crammed all 6 of us in the little pod to take us to the top of the Arch.


And once again, Lily looks highly unimpressed…


The spy room slide at The Magic House was a hit with her though!


  • December 22, 2014 - 3:30 pm

    Sarah - Looks like fun! I love going to STL!

    So glad I’m not the only one so far behind. I also posted our July pictures this morning! Great minds think alike :)ReplyCancel

    • December 22, 2014 - 4:03 pm

      Helen - Ha! That is too funny! I’m always relieved to see someone else is as far behind as me ;)ReplyCancel

Seeing as I’m so awesome at blogging things 6 months after they happen, I thought I’d change things up and post our Halloween pictures only a couple of days after they wore them! I know – how crazy of me!

Every year the boys waffle for a solid month on what they want to be for Halloween. As October chugs along, I have to ask them with increasing frequency what they want to dress up as, and it never fails – they aren’t solid on their decision until a week before the big night. Considering we almost always craft their costumes from things we already have around the house, with just a couple of store bought additions, it’s not a huge deal.

I give you, the Halloween costumes of 2014!

Jackson, the Snake


Jackson’s was a hard one to figure out! We turned some pants inside out, and found they were green, and then found a couple of green shirts too. I found a TMNT hat at Target, and folded the orange part under, and then we added a party blower for his tongue! Jackson was hilarious at the first few houses – he’d knock on the door, and then immediately drop to his belly, and stick his snake tongue out.

Ty, the Spider


When Ty said he wanted to be a spider, I instantly had an idea how to do that – pool noodles!! We cut a couple in half, and spray painted them black before using black tape to attach it to the back of his sweatshirt. He requested the face painted eyes and fangs, and then we draped some spider web to him! He did have to turn sideways to get through doors, which was rather amusing.

Chase, the Stick Figure


Chase’s costume clearly looked most awesome once it got dark out! We cracked up when he came up with the Stick Figure idea, but it was pretty easy to put together thanks to the glow sticks and black tape.

Lily, the Super Daniel Tiger



If you asked Lily what she was going to be, she went back and forth between a simple “A Super Hero!” and “A Super Daniel Tiger!”. Basically though, she went crazy with the dress-up bin;)


Nick went as a Christmas tree, which was an enormous hit with the others out and about on Halloween! When he and the kids came back, he hung the tree up in our big picture window. When he opened the door at the next knock, the group of kids sang Deck the Halls, instead of saying “Trick or Treat”! We laughed so hard at that!