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I feel like the realization has smacked me in the face (and heart) over the last month or so more times than I can count. These boys of mine, they keep growing up. Ok, Lily is growing up too, but right now I seem to be focused on the leaps & bounds growing the boys are doing.

I think I can blame those “this day” memories Facebook keeps showing me. I seem to be caught in an endless flood of adorable toddlers, whom I can’t even understand now, with their adorable, round cheeks, and infectious laughs. I just can’t pull myself away from those pictures and videos FB keeps showing me!

And now I find myself constantly marveling at their bigness…

At baseball games… “When did these boys get so tall and skinny?!”

At children’s museums… “I can’t believe two out of three are tall enough to ride the sky bike now! Wait… that means they’re only 11 inches shorter than me now!”

While riding their bikes… “They look like clowns on tiny bikes! STOP GROWING!”

When they ask deep, intellectual questions… “Crap. These kids are going to be smarter than me in no time, but they’re also going to be world changers – I can tell!”

When I do birthday math… “Oh my gosh… they’re about to turn NINE, which means they’ll be halfway to “adult”!”

And finally today….

Growing Up

When they left for camp. I don’t mean day camp, I mean sleep over, have tons of free time, with other “adults” watching you but not as closely as your mom would watch you, kind of camp!

I’m not nervous about their camp experience this week. They have each other, plus Nick is there as a leader (but not their cabin leader). I know they’re going to have so much fun, and be instantly hooked on this new freedom and level of fun!

While I was watching them rush around early this morning, and shoveling cereal into their mouths at a choking-hazard pace, I got misty eyed. I can’t even blame my allergies or dust this time. This was legit lump in my throat, eyes watery kind of stuff. And thinking about it right now is making the tears spring up all over again! Dang it, Helen. Pull your Blubbering Mess of a self together!

Nah. Never mind… I’ll just embrace the emotions right now, because honestly so many “firsts” and “whoa” moments are about to come flying at me over the next month and a half, that I might as well just grab some tissues and chocolate and hold on for the ride.

First day of kindergarten for Lily? Yeah, I see you coming.


  • July 12, 2016 - 3:16 am

    Jennifer Ashen Esfandiary - And then, they leave for college. I’ve cried since May, almost daily.ReplyCancel

  • July 20, 2016 - 5:33 pm

    Paul Kahalewai - Good looking boys! I can’t imagine, 9 years old? Our boys are coming up on their first birthday & I already wonder where the time has gone!

    Best of luck at camp boys, enjoy!!!


I’m a day late and a dollar short in posting this… ok, I’m 3 days late. Whatever. Thankfully Nick understands the level of crazy that’s gone on in this house over the last couple of days!

Sunday afternoon I let each of the kids sit down at the computer and type out (or say, in Lily’s case) their thoughts on Nick. He is clearly adored and loved here, and for so many good reasons!

Happy late Father’s Day, Nick! You are an amazing, patient, loving, kind man to these kids, and the adults they will grow into will surely be amazing, thanks largely to you! Lily about Dad

Lily (as told to Mommy): Daddy plays with me. (What else?) That’s the only thing I love. (Why is that all you love?) I love that Daddy does silly voices. Sometimes he plays tic-tac-toe with me! I make up games with him, and he plays them. Hmm, ummm, cause I give him cozy hugs. Sometimes he snuggles in bed with me, during songs and prayers. And he makes the right Mickey Mouse voices! And I love Daddy making Donald’s voice. We play hide-and-seek! We play tag with him. Sometimes I can help Daddy with his work! He kind of does make Minnie Mouse’s voice for me. Oh yes! I laugh at him, cause of his funny voices!

Chase about Dad

{Thanks for saying what I’ve always suspected, Chase…. Ha!}

Chase: That he works for a church. That he is awesome fun. Dad makes me laugh. That he takes us out to eat. He is the fun parent. He lets us do Iron Chef Grandview! He does goodnight I love you. Sleep well.  See you in the morning with us. And of corse, I love him.

Jackson about Dad

Jackson: when you say dad these are the words I think of. nice. strong. courageous.

Ty about Dad

Ty: That he works at church of the resurrection. That he is an awesome dad. Dad tells funny jokes. He takes us to fun parks. I really really really love dad!

Did you hear? School is out! Yes – already. Usually this is the time of year we’d be sitting down to write out our summer bucket list, but this year we won’t be doing that.


I know, it surprised me too! You can read all about that on my latest for Kansas City Mom’s Blog – Why We Won’t Be Making a Summer Bucket List. It’s worth the click over!

Know how else this will make this a simpler summer? I’ve committed to not working as much in June and July. I’ve scaled the schedule way back, in favor of making more memories with my kids, and making summer truly more about relaxation and less about stress. I’m hopeful this will also enable me to catch you all up more often on here!

Summer plans include a trip to New England (the first in 4 years), and we’re all so excited about that! Aside from that and a couple of short summer camps for the kids, our summer plans are nonexistent. This will be all about spur of the moment, simple fun.

So here’s to a Simple Summer, and more sharing here on the personal blog!

Simple Summer